Not Obsessed With “Obsessed”

Obsessed Movie Poster

Obsessed Movie Poster

I get so mad everytime I think about all the other black actresses that could have gotten this role.  Hell, even Meaghan Good would have been better in my opinion.

Idris Elba’s new flick, “Obsessed“, opens tomorrow and too bad I won’t get to see him do his thing.  If Beyonce wasn’t in it, then yeah, I would be there on opening night.  The film, which also stars Ali Larter, looks like a modern version of “Fatal Attraction.”  Idris Elba’s character tries to protect his family from a stalker (Ali Larter), who becomes “obsessed.”  Beyonce plays his wife.

Beyonce is a great performer but an actress she is not.  Just by watching the trailer it sounds like she is reading her lines. Where is the passion? All that money and not one acting lesson?

Taraji Henson, Vivica Fox, Regina King, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan and so many more could have breathed life into Beyonce’s character and made this movie so much better.  Of course I haven’t seen it but if the trailer shows the most intense scenes then viewers are in for a major disappointment.

If you wanna hear Beyonce read lines from her script and completely ruin Idris Elba’s career then go for it.  This is another Beyonce movie I will not be seeing.  Too bad because I really like Elba and Ali Larter. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Click here to watch the trailer.


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