MTB Finale a huge snooze-fest

Stills from the Finale

Stills from the Finale

I don’t really know how I feel about this Danity Kane issue.  The whole finale was a big waste of time considering we learned nothing new about the whole situation.  And, still, no one can tell why they broke up.  Here’s my breakdown on all the ladies

Shannon– Didn’t really get much shine on any of the shows because she just doesn’t have any personality.  And that whole “I’m the sweet innocent one” act gets old fast.  A reality show needs drama. She is beautiful, though.

D. Woods- I think she’s pretty but there’s something about her that’s a little off.  I hated the way she went off on tangents last night when Sway asked her simple questions. I’m sure their reason(s) for breaking up is complicated and therefore needs an explanation, but was it just me or did she say a whole lot of nothing everytime she opened her mouth?  She kept talking about seasons and foundations. Just answer the damn question! Ugh!

Aundrea- Seems a little too weak for me.  I’m sure getting fired by Diddy can’t feel good. But the other girls were able to suck it up and show up for the finale.  She is definitely in the wrong business.  I agree with Diddy, she doesn’t have what it takes mentally to make it and it would be the same thing if he was to work with her again.

Aubrey- She used to be my favorite.  When the group first formed, she was the prettiest and I just liked her style.  Not anymore. She clearly let fame get to her head.  The break up was inevitable after she decided to get all skanky.  Running around talking about loving porn and having sex on her period isn’t the image any one should strive for.  She clearly mistakes sexual liberation for being a tramp. I don’t think she understands how she comes off to other people. Oh well.

Dawn- My favvvvv!  I love Dawn. I think she by far has the best personality and voice.  I also think she’s gorgeous. Even though a lot of other people disagree.  I do think she was Diddy’s favorite but I think its pretty obvious why.  I’m happy that she’s going solo and I hope things work out for her considering the track record of Bad Boy artists.  I really wish Diddy would let her out of her contract so she could find success with another label.  We all know signing with Bad Boy is career suicide and I don’t want to see that happen to Dawn.  I’m rooting for her. With the right songs and the right team she could be huge.  I guess only time will tell. Oh, and I’m still undecided about the new hair cut. Maybe it has to grow on me?

I just can’t get into Day 26. I like Que but that’s it. Their songs are just ok to me.  I don’t know. Wish them the best I guess.


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